In 2017, our founder, Matt Martini, approached the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Parks District with the idea of starting a World War II living history event at the historic Lauer Farm. Martini’s family history was the spark of his motivation. His paternal great-grandfather served in the Pacific and his maternal great-uncle, who served with the 2nd Infantry Division, was killed in action just outside of Saint-Lô, France in June 1944. With these connections, he understood that Lima, Ohio had a wealth of WWII history that was never really discussed. With the goal of educating the public about that history, Lauer Farms 1944 was born.

Matthew Martini, Founder & Event Director

What People Say

“The reenactors did a wonderful job bringing WWII history to life! I was amazed how much they knew about history and how willing they were to share their knowledge. Kids had a blast visiting the German and American camps, talking to soldiers, checking out their weapons, equipment and vehicles.”


“The walk around the camp was no less than amazing. Everyone was super nice and polite. If you stopped to ask a question, they were full of knowledge and excitement. 5/5 will go back!!!”

A.J. S.

“Largest reenactment I’ve been to. Well laid out, lots to look at and friendly knowledgeable people to interact with.”

Anthony T.

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